From theory to implementation

On this page, you can find resources that will help you understand iCOR more deeply as well as implement it in your local church.

Living Our Values in Lockdown

The church is called to be God’s city of refuge, a loving and compassionate family of God that strengthens its members and helps them bring life and hope to the suffering world. This booklet gives you some practical tips of how to live Christ’s values in your family, in your church and in your local community during the lockdown.

“When the church invests in the capabilities of its members, it generates growth and strengthens their bond of identification with the church.”

Zlatko Musija, Trans-European Division Youth Director

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Several authors

iCOR Information Brochure

This brochure gives you an introduction to the iCOR framework. In it, you will find information about the development and meaning of iCOR. It also includes an explanation of the iCOR principles and the 10 iCOR values. It is ideal to give you a quick overview of what iCOR is all about.


“The church is God’s fortress, his city of refuge, which he holds in a revolted world.”

The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, p. 1554, as quoted in iCOR Information Brochure, p. 7

28 pages
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iCOR Study Guide

This resource helps you understand iCOR more deeply. It includes 13 weekly lessons that can be studied as part of your personal study or in a small group setting. Each lesson includes 6 daily sections or perspectives. Each one provides practical questions to explore the topics in depth.


““How do we want to live out and shape the church of Christ? […] The iCOR initiative can help your congregation discover and live out core church values and provide assistance as your church strives to be a supportive spiritual home for all generations.””

iCOR Study Guide, p. 12

158 pages, 13 lessons
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iCOR Videos and Video Discussion Guide

Ten videos have been produced to help you understand each value more deeply. There is one video for each iCOR value. The Video Discussion Guide includes 10 discussion guides that will help you reflect about what you see on each iCOR value video. You will begin by answering a short survey to help you see where you are with regards to a certain value. You will then watch the video in 2 parts, and discuss about what you see.

These videos have been designed to be used as part of an iCOR training. They should not be shared on social media, as this would defeat the purpose of their creation. Please use the Video discussion guide to make the most of them.

For any questions on your iCOR journey, please contact us at

10 videos, 10 discussion guides
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iCOR Church Board Guide

The iCOR Church Board Guide is designed to help your church board implement iCOR at your local church. It will guide you through the iCOR spiral, an ongoing experiential learning process. For each value, you will find supporting Bible texts, a value description, a thought for reflection, discussion and implementation questions, and implementation suggestions.


““Through conversation... You will have greater understanding for each other, and this will also make the implementation much easier.””

iCOR Church Board Guide, p. 10

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We have some other resources available that can be very positive in your iCOR journey. Check them out below!

“The Earth is the Lord’s.” Called to Care for Creation. A Practical Study Guide

This practical study guide aims to inspire you to develop a biblically-informed position on what are arguably the most pressing and daunting challenges of our time: sustainability and social justice. We hope that this pursuit helps you discover what it truly means to be called to care for creation.

Each chapter includes an icebreaker, a text for reflection, a prayer of the day, discussion questions, a practical challenge and a “food for thought” section.

It will be available in 13 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, and Hungarian). Each language will be uploaded as it becomes available.


“The deeper one delves into the climate problem, the clearer it becomes that this unprecedented crisis of civilisation can only be overcome by combining faith and reason.”

Hans Joachim Schellhuber ("The Earth is the Lord's", p. 9)

80 pages, 8 chapters
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Bert Seefeldt et al.

Magna Opera: The Loveliest Song. A Bible Study Guide on the Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon becomes a delightful compilation of love songs when we make it our own, when we allow it to guide our lives and stories. It brings us closer to the Eastern melodies and embraces us with affection, dialogue, respect, and—even—good sex.

In these eight chapters, you will enjoy a particularly exciting experience as well as the greatness of the Bible message, which has the power to touch us in the deepest part of our being.

Each chapter includes a text for reflection, a prayer of the day, discussion questions, suggestions to go deeper, a personal challenge and icebreaker activities.


“True love shines and grows warm because its flame comes from God.”

Víctor Armenteros

80 pages, 8 chapters
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Víctor Armenteros et al.

Altogether Wonderful: Exploring Intergenerational Worship

This book explores both the “why” and the “how” of intergenerational worship. It provides a simple history of worship through the Bible, an exploration of Jesus’ theology of childhood, and his own approach to intergenerational worship. It also contains many practical and creative ideas on how to plan inspiring, multi-sensory intergenerational worship.

“For everyone who longs to experience the ultimate in multisensory, spontaneous, creative, intergenerational, and eternal worship that God is planning for us in heaven!”

Karen Holford

172 pages
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Karen Holford

8 Questions God Wants to Ask You. A Bible Study Resource.

This resource can be used in the context of a week of prayer, in small groups, in spiritual retreats, etc. It aims to foster the values of connecting, caring, participating and teaching. Its 8 lessons focus on 8 of God’s questions to humanity and take you on a spiritual journey, focusing first on the condition of your heart and ending with being a positive influence in the world. Each lesson includes a devotional thought, questions for reflection, a personal challenge (to put what has been learned into practice), a recommendation of resources and highlighted quotes to go deeper, and some topic-related activities that can be used as icebreakers with your youth group.


“Faith is not the graduation of your journey but the enrolment to a new way of thinking, seeing, and living.”

8 Questions God Wants to Ask You: A Bible Study Resource, p. 29

8 lessons, 80 pages
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Troy Fitzgerald et al.

Decisive Encounters (2019 EUD Youth Week of Prayer)

Even though originally conceived as the 2019 EUD Youth Week of Prayer, this material is timeless. It is excellent to work with in small groups, a great place to foster the values of connecting, caring and participating. Roberto Badenas draws us into the story of 8 people who encountered Jesus and were never the same after that. Each lesson includes a devotional thought, questions for reflection, a personal challenge (to put what has been learned into practice), a recommendation of resources and highlighted quotes to go deeper, and some topic-related activities that can be used as icebreakers with your youth group.


“The Teacher aspires to change the world, transforming people one by one, as if He were trying to create a new human being.”

Decisive Encounters: Youth Week of Prayer 2019, p. 11

80 pages, 8 lessons
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PDF (reduced size)
Roberto Badenas et al.

Romans Bible Magazine

The Romans Bible Magazine is the book of Romans in a beautiful and creative layout with illustrations and image that bring the text to life. Its inseparable companion is the Romans Study Guide (see below).

Available in 10 languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

Contact for more information.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Romans 12: 1-2

88 pages
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Apostle Paul

Romans Study Guide

The Romans Study Guide, the inseparable companion of the Romans Bible Magazine, has been written by the Union Youth and Pathfinder Directors of the Inter-European Division. It contains a short devotion or commentary on each chapter of Romans, as well as questions for self-reflection or group discussion.

Available in 10 languages: Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.

Contact for more information.


“The Word ‘disengagement’ readily comes to mind in all church circles when we think of young adults today; this is alarmingly true. If this ecclesiastical exodus of our young people were attributed to the fact that they were losing faith in the teachings of the church or were calling into question the very existence of God, we would understand to a certain point, because many have in times past. However, research has clearly shown that the fundamental reason our youth are checking out is not doctrinal, but relational. It is essentially about interpersonal conflicts over ‘disputable’ manners. It is my view that we need to seek ‘righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.’”

“Diversity Within the Church,” Romans Study Guide, p. 89. (Chapter based on Romans 14).

104 pages
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Truth Link Bible Study Series

iCOR value teaching is all about sharing sound biblical teaching in practical, creative ways. This Bible study series by Ty Gibson is just wonderful to discover the beauty and character of God. Each lesson provides a high level of doctrinal clarity while showing the centrality of God’s love to every biblical truth.

Learn more:

Available in these languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian.

Contact for more information.

28 lessons
Ty Gibson